Singing Lessons

Trial lesson (proefles) 45 minutes               


You’ll learn about breathing, posture, warm-ups, we’ll discuss vocal technique and do some singing!


Single 45 minute lesson                        


Lessons focusing on improving your singing and breathing skills, at your own level and pace. Warm-ups, vocal technique, and learning music that you want to sing are all part of the lesson.


10 - 45 minute lessons (strippenkaart)             



30 minute lesson                           
For children ages 8-12.


Group lessons                         
Upon request, for a group of up to 5 people that want to learn to sing together. I will teach some basic vocal technique, warming up, as well as singing simple and fun canons and songs. 60 or 90 minute lessons.

Price depends upon number of students

One hour lesson                            
For those who want a longer lesson, or for two people who want to share a lesson.


My cancellation policy is as follows:
If you contact me 24 hours or more in advance, there is no charge for the lesson.
If you contact me with less than 24 hours notice, you must pay for the lesson, and cannot make it up.


I can send you MP3 recordings of warm-ups, or a recording of your song in the key in which you sing it, if you need help learning it.

Nancy Mayer singing teacher

'My lessons with Nancy turned out to be enjoyable and gratifying always. They were enjoyable because I learned various techniques in singing, speaking and even holding my posture correctly, beautifully and emotively. They were gratifying because she successfully pushed and continually challenged my limits in singing.'

Carmela J.