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  • Lucas A.

    I’ve been a singing student of Nancy’s since I was 10. Nearly a decade later I can’t imagine my life without our time together, and her valuable teachings. I started all those years ago, because I wanted a place to comfortably use as a musical outlet, without feeling the pressure of judgement or needing to perform. We work together on various aspects of the voice, breath, and rhythm. Trying to create a small piece of beauty, at least once a week in this crazy world. A lesson with Nancy is more than just a singing class, I use the time there to talk a bit about what is worrying me that week. Then we sing our hearts out allowing me to move forward with the week in a refreshed and peaceful manner. After each lesson I feel relieved from the stresses of the day and bound gleefully towards my tram. A week without Nancy is rarely a good one, you will gain confidence, vocal techniques and most importantly to me, someone to confide in unconditionally.

  • Catalina B.

    I approached Nancy because I wanted to learn how to project my voice better when speaking in public, especially as English is not my mother tongue. Out of curiosity I ended up taking singing lessons and discovered a totally new world for me! Nancy is the perfect guide to walk this amazing world, her endless patience, good humor, professionalism and words of encouragement make her lessons one of my favourite moments of the week and one of the best investments I‘ve ever made for my personal growth.

  • Clotilde B.

    Thank you, Nancy, for the very insightful speaking lessons and the good atmosphere that you bring to the lessons. I could not have worked on that without feeling very safe. I really enjoyed the fun and creative exercises you asked me to do! Your classes are really complete, and don’t just look at the voice, but also the body, face and the emotions. I found them to be very tuned to the person you are working with, to keep authenticity and to find what works best.

  • Whitney B.

    Nancy is the most extraordinary guide and teacher – patient, understanding, professional, and fun. I contacted her because I had no idea whether I was a soprano or alto, after years of singing whichever part the director wanted. Nancy didn’t decide “you’re this,” but took me on a voyage where we discovered my voice together and got rid of some bad singing habits I had picked up through the years. During her lessons, she gives you permission to relax and be more flamboyant than you would ever dream of as part of finding your voice and becoming more confident. It worked, because I got the confidence to sing in front of an audience, which I had always wanted to do, but never dared.

  • Lindsay S.

    Nancy has encouraged me to find and explore my voice for the first time and to have fun in the process.

  • Rajiv B.

    My lessons with Nancy have helped to open up a whole new dimension of myself that I did not know existed.  Moreover, it has significantly increased my presence in the class room and has been enormously fun at the same time.

  • Jacqueline A.

    Mijn zanglessen bij Nancy geven mijn stem een beter uithoudingsvermogen, een groter bereik en een mooiere klank. Voor mij zijn de lessen een heerlijk moment om weer nieuwe (zang)energie op te doen!

  • Carmela J.

    My lessons with Nancy turn out to be enjoyable and gratifying always. They were enjoyable because I learned various techniques in singing, speaking and even holding my posture correctly, beautifully and emotively. They were gratifying because she has successfully pushed and continually challenge my limits in singing.

  • Pippa G.

    I was a complete non-singer when I started lessons with Nancy but have improved massively, and really enjoyed it too. It's great to be able to able to sing out without worrying how it sounds, and to hear the improvement week by week. And fortunately she's very patient!

  • Magda S.

    Lessons with Nancy are my favourite magic time of the week, something to look forward to. Where else could I can transform into a cheeky Sally Bowles, into an Ottoman princess pining for lost love, or into the rider of a six-a-little horses? Nancy has shown to me that singing is a demanding job, it requires patience to make small steps, and she pushes me to make things better. And then suddenly it all falls into place: I remember the moment of elation when, after following Nancy’s instructions, I made that stunning amazing brilliant sound I never ever imagined I was capable of producing. Thank you, Nancy, for your encouragement and inspiration!

  • Wendelien Verbeek 

    Lessons with Nancy are inspiring and great fun! She gives you the freedom to chose any music/style you like and is very encouraging in developing this as much as possible.
    I suggest you give it a try!

  • Patricia Devita

    Nancy provides a good environment for students with well structured and lively classes. Her teaching skills encourage learning. I really appreciate her perceptiveness of the needs of students during individual classes and in group classes to address their development. Because of Nancy I am more confident singing and I enjoy the process of finding a new voice.

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